8 Popular Spa Facial Procedures

1. The European Face

The most basic sort of therapy available is a European face. If you’re new to spa facials, this is an excellent place to start.

European facials focus on your face’s general health. After a steaming treatment, your aesthetician will exfoliate and cleanse your face to break up any dirt caught in your pores. A massage, mask, and moisturizing cream are usually used after that.

2. Facial with Oxygen

An oxygen facial can address fine wrinkles, face redness, and lackluster skin. Your aesthetician will use an airbrush-like instrument to spray concentrated oxygen directly into your skin during an oxygen facial. Essential minerals in the air help to plump and brighten your skin.

3. Microdermabrasion is the third step.

Your aesthetician will use a wand to spray incredibly fine crystals onto your skin if you choose a microdermabrasion treatment. Depending on the spa you choose, the rod may contain a diamond tip that buffs your skin.

Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and provides deep exfoliation. This will leave your skin feeling silky smooth!

4. LED Facial Light

LED light treatment is ideal for acne sufferers and can also help those with aged skin. LED light is used to penetrate the layers of your skin in this therapy. Blue light kills acne-causing germs, but a red light firms your skin by encouraging collagen and elastin production.

5. Facial Acupuncture

Although the idea of having hundreds of needles inserted into your face may not appeal to you, your skin will thank you in the end. When needles are placed into your face, your skin reacts by creating more collagen and improving blood flow to your face, resulting in various benefits. As a result, wrinkles will appear less prominent, your face will appear brighter, and acne will be reduced.

6. Facial Vampire

A vampire facial isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s become increasingly popular owing to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram photo. This method entails drawing your blood and centrifuging it to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of your blood (PRP).

The PRP is then injected into your skin again. Although it may appear terrible, this procedure has been shown to fill in wrinkles, remove acne scars, and plump out the skin.

7. Exfoliation

Peach fuzz and dead skin cells are two things no one likes on their face. Fortunately, dermaplaning removes these annoyances, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.

A skincare specialist will delicately rub a scalpel around your face during therapy. Not only will you notice a difference in the smoothness of your skin after the treatment, but your makeup will also absorb easier.

8. Microneedling

While microneedling instruments are available online, it is better to have this procedure done by a professional. A derma roller covered in tiny needles is used for micro needling.

The needles in the derma roller will delicately prick your skin as it goes over your face. Collagen renewal is stimulated by these microscopic lesions, resulting in firm, even skin.