Good spa etiquette.

Every public place has a certain etiquette, and a polite person should observe it and it is not different from the hot spring. Going to a day spa can be a luxury for individuals. By upholding proper etiquette…

Every public place has a certain etiquette, and a polite person should observe it and it is not different from the hot spring. Going to a day spa can be a luxurious treat for individuals. By insisting on proper behavior and using sensitivities, it can be a great experience in which everyone participates. The following are some of the etiquettes and practices:

dos and dont’s

-Please make an appointment in advance: Some places can be reserved, but after arranging customers in advance, the staff can fully prepare for each customer.

-Reminder: The customer’s lateness will shorten the online time of each customer. A person who is late will cause a late domino effect. Punctuality is to show respect to employees and all customers below.

-If necessary, cancel in advance: Sometimes dating must be cancelled or scheduled, but 24 hours should be the shortest time allowed. Many spas have policies that stipulate that the fees are still due and delayed. Check your local policy.

-Turn off the mobile phone: the mobile phone should be left in the house or closed position. All people need a calm atmosphere, and the ringtones or audible conversations of customers will be interrupted.

-Tips for your practitioners: should include tips for every technician who provides exemplary services. Masseurs, beauticians and other staff are valuable to life and should be rewarded for tips.

-Bring food into the facility: eat before or after treatment. No one wants to smell the aroma of burgers and fries when they relax to their massage.

-Forget about drinking water: Drinking enough water after massage is essential to re-moisturize and cleanse toxins. Bring your own water bottle or say “yes” to their liquid.

-Speaking loudly: Speaking loudly should be reserved for sports events. Quiet and quiet sound is a way to promote a peaceful environment.

-Taking buried children: a day of rest in the spa is a pleasure. Children are smart, but don’t bring all the opportunities together. They will become boring and careless, preventing you from being with other people.

-Bring your pet: I know that you love your little puppy for its grace, but not all of them feel the same. Many people are allergic to dogs, so you should not be allergic to dogs when you indulge. In addition, Luo Weilina would rather go home to play with his favorite primitive bone bending.

-Grumpy: Kind, the world will respond to you in the same way. If there is a problem, please handle it in a sensitive and polite manner. Harassing employees will ruin everyone’s experience.

-Sick appointment: If a person has an infectious disease, he should stay in the house. It is more suitable for your own immune system and will not spread the disease to other customers and technicians.


Follow some good manners and use a little sensitivity. All of the hot spring baths will be so happy you do it.