How to Do Hair Spa at Home Naturally?

hair spa

Hair spa revives its life and rejuvenates it. Chemicals-based hair treatments can cast an irrepressible harm and damage. To negate them, natural herbs and ingredients can prove the best substitute. Steaming, oiling, and washing appropriately will reverse the damage.

Is falling hair burst you into tears? Are you scared of the idea of going bald? If you are ready to bear the pain of hair damage, then sorry, this article is not for you. But yes! It’s for those who have utmost desire to come out of this hairy issue.

Have you ever thought of its actual reason? I am sure most of you have discussed it with your hair experts. And even, many would have knocked at the door of dexterous dermatologist. And he/she would have prescribed you a ton of pills, serum and protein supplements.

So! What’s the result? Have you come out of this critical problem? If no, you must read this article.

Let’s begin with the root cause of this problem.

Causes of hair damage:

  • Deficiency of protein diet
  • Lack of vitamins and mineral in the body
  • Wrong selection of hair care products
  • Showing indiscipline in cleaning & combing
  • Regular usage of styling products
  • Frequent use of dyes, colour and henna
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Dieting
  • Hereditary

Almost 90% of would be aware of these causes. But only a few attend them seriously. Please be attentive to these! Otherwise, untimely care can result in irreparable damage to your natural ornament, called Hair. Are you ready to undergo such trauma? Of course none will ever be.

If you think hair spa can undo this problem, let me tell you an ordinary spa will be a temporary solution. But yes, if you go for the advance technique for hair care, it would transform your hair completely. Then, it’s all up to you to shine as a showstopper for longer period.

How does the expert detect damaged hair?

First, let you know what the hair spa is. In short, it’s detecting and repairing the damage causing hair fall and dullness. The expert picks a strand and pulls it a bit near its root. It’s the shortcut way to identify whether your tresses are in desperate need of treatment or not.

When it uproots after stretching a bit, it’s a symptom of weakness. If the result is converse, you don’t need to worry. But it does not imply that you can be blind eye to attend hair care. It is a must.

The dying strands need life which an adept dermatologist can blow into. Prescribing protein treatment which includes protein rich hair cream, ozone treatment, shampoos and conditioner, he makes every attempt to reverse the damage.

Is there any way for hair spa at the home?

Yes, you can do it at home. Believe me, it’s my personal experience that nothing can defeat the miraculous effects of natural products.

Don’t blow the hair dry!

Hair experts at salon blow the hair dry. Now and then use of dryer is ok. But if you try this trick regularly, your scalp will not be able to bear the harsh heat. And also, the strands become brittle and fragile. Then, the overlapping cells will become loosely packed. The emergence of split ends will be one of its aftermaths. So, let them air dry.

Alternatively, you can use your dryer but keeping its hot air away from the scalp. And don’t try to overdo. Leave your hair a little bit dewy but not a lot.

Oiling is good, don’t overdo!

Obviously, oiling is a must. The frayed layers indicate defective strands. You need an effective formula to make the overlapping protein layers that form a strand tight. It forms a protective layer around each strand that prevents its direct exposure to the sun, dirt and pollutants.

However, oiling is good to end the brittle ends but it can suffocate the hair follicles also. Actually, the scalp has its own pH level that keeps it healthy. Greasing it can clog its pores. Hair follicles fail to secrete its natural oil. Thereby, its pH level imbalances.

It is the first step of hair spa. Heat the coconut oil or almond oil a bit. Both show non-sticky effect. Providing nutrients, it penetrates vitamins and proteins deeply to the root. So, massage with it gently. Rubbing and thumping regularize blood circulation.

Steaming penetrates oil!

Heat the water. Check if it is bearable or not. Soak a towel into it. Wring it a bit. Wrap it around your hair. After two minutes, repeat the same procedure again. It will let your scalp sip the oil.

Don’t skip hair wash!

What all you need to remind is cleaning. It’s the second step of hair spa. Rinse your tresses twice a week. Apply shampoo in the direction of its length. Don’t overdo the shampoo since almost all shampoos are enriched of chemicals. Use it in moderation. You can make it mild. How? Just mix a few drops of water to it and use it.

How to prepare conditioner?

It’s the third step. Mash a banana. Add a spoon honey and yogurt. Blend it up. Apply it on the length. Before that, make your hair dewy with the drops of water. Let this paste sit for 10 minutes. ThenArticle Search, rinse it off. It will fulfill the want of dew to your hair.

This is how your hair gets complete nourishment with the goodness of natural ingredients.